The App Diva

The App Diva

The App Diva is a suite of Apps and Mobile Friendly websites created to meet the unique and diverse needs of Entrepreneurs and Professionals. As Entrepreneurs and Professionals, we struggle with things that make it difficult for us to plan ahead for our personal needs:

Things like: Frequent Travel, Hectic Schedules that change Often and The Need to Expand our Social Network 

Think about it, how many times have you canceled your hair or nail appointment because of work? How many times did you miss your flight or it was canceled and ended up staying in a city that you know nothing about? Wanted to go to an establishment but wasn’t sure if it “was poppin”? Telework so much that you miss the office experience?

Right Now!

Ever had a two hour window to open up in your day and needed your hair done “Right Now”? Preparing for a presentation later in the day and find out you need a power point slide changed “right now”? How many times have you been up at 3:00AM and wished you knew of a place to get your nails done at that hour? Right Now!! Is for YOU. Right Now is an app that provides all types of products and services Right Now. This App is for those who NEED services and those that PROVIDE services within a two hour window or more. You are going to love it!!

App launches to the public soon so register now!!

Road Trip

Everyone loves a good road trip.  Well, they just got a whole lot better. Road Trip, lets you plan ahead, or be spontaneous by letting you know about all of the fun things to do and places to go along the way. 

Off the beaten path? Great way to advertise your specialty shop, event, or services to people passing through. App launches to the public soon so register now!