For Freelancers, Consultants, & Solopreneurs, and Entrepreneurs


The Entrepreneur Mentorship Program is NOT a training program.  If you are interested in training, please go to our Entreprenuer Development Center.

The program focuses on providing support, mentoring, and lessons learned in an environment with other entrepreneurs. Think of it as a Support Group that aims to provide a safe place in which to discuss the trials, triumphs, failures, disappointments, excitement and lessons learned to a group of individuals that have a common interest; Succeeding in Business.  Will there be some "how to" moments? Of course, but the main objective of the Circle is to mentor you, keep you focused, and provide those nuggets that will make you successful.


Who Should Participate?

The ideal participant for The Entrepreneur Mentorship Program is :

  1. An individual that wants to start a business but is unsure of what kind of business.
  2. Retired Military individual that wants to capitalize on their skill set
  3. Retired Law Enforcement that wants to capitalize on their skill set
  4. Laid Off looking for options
  5. Transition Plan for Retirement in the future
  6. Part Time Freelancer
  7. Seasoned business owner that just needs a strong support system 

The Entrepreneur Mentorship Program is one of several existing business development programs offered by Linda Chatmon. This is, however, the only program that specifically helps individual service providers and freelancers who have not already started their own businesses to build businesses and transition into entrepreneurship. 

What do I get?

  1. Weekly Coaching (Group)  with Linda Chatmon, NO COST.

Consultants, freelancers, and individual service providers who are interested in participating in this intensive mentorship program can join our facebook group to learn more.

Quick Overview

 The Entrepreneur Mentorship Program is designed for entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs to benefit from lessons learned by Linda Chatmon, a successful entreprenuer with more than 12.2 Billion dollars of Contracts and Grants negotiation and awards under her belt.