For Freelancers, Consultants, & Solopreneurs


The Entrepreneur Mentorship Program teaches skilled individuals who already have marketable technical capabilities how to structure a business for the ground up with the intention of competing for B2B (Business to Business) and government contracts. 

The program focuses on helping service providers launch small businesses that have the infrastructure in place needed to achieve scalable  success. 

Through intensive training, mentoring, and hands on working sessions, participants will learn to create a professional code of conduct; develop a profitable, competitive pricing strategy; how to successfully perform and deliver on contracts; and conduct business in a global ecommerce-driven economy.


Who Should Participate?

The ideal participant for the The Entrepreneur Mentorship Program is a professional individual service provider who has a proven track record for delivering the service he or she intends to market:

  1. As an employee or retiree of a company
  2. Retired Military
  3. Retired Law Enforcement
  4. Laid Off looking for entrepreneur development
  5. Transition Plan for Retirement in the future.
  6. Part Time Freelancer

We are not looking to include seasoned businesses at this time, however, you are welcomed to schedule an appointment to see how we can assist you through our consulting, proposal support, or business development products and services.

The Entrepreneur Mentorship Program is one of several existing business development programs offered by Linda Chatmon. This is, however, the only program that specifically helps individual service providers and freelancers who have not already started their own businesses to build businesses and transition into entrepreneurship. 

What do I get?

  1. Weekly Coaching with Linda Chatmon, NO COST.
  2. Referrals from the Linda Chatmon Brand Network
  3. Access to services at a fraction of the cost to others.

Consultants, freelancers, and individual service providers who are interested in participating in this intensive mentorship program can join our facebook group to learn more.

Quick Overview

 The Entrepreneur Mentorship Program was created to help experienced consultants, freelancers, and other individual service providers bid and win federal contracts. 

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