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Frequently Asked

Which cities will Linda visit on the small business tour?

Stay tuned for this. We’re going to be putting together Linda’s itinerary and releasing it out into the world THIS MONTH! 

How can I apply to have Linda visit my business?

Oh, that’s an easy one (thank goodness, right?). Click here to complete the application. Be sure to fill the form completely.

Where can I find Linda's podcast?

Good question. We use Anchor for Linda’s podcast. Check that out here.

Is Linda taking coaching calls?

Absolutely. BUT since Linda’s traveling this year, the weekly coaching she previously offered isn’t available. You actually may get more value from one of Linda’s communities. Find the best one for you in the 1HUB.

I'm interested in one of Linda's programs that I saw on social. Where can I find 8 to 14 and some of the other programs?

If you’re looking for one of the training courses, click Learn in the navigation menu. If you’re looking to get more information on an initiative such as 8 to 14, head to 1HUB.

Recent Events

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RFP Series: Why Pricing to Win is Making You Lose | Jan 18, 2023

This training will walk you through steps you need to take in order to develop and incorporate a solid pricing strategy in your proposal.

Virtual Event $225 

RFP Series: Cost-Loading and Flat-Rate Pricing | Feb 1, 2023

Understanding how costing and cost loading work will help you build a pricing strategy that ensures you have both flexibility and profitability.

Virtual Event $499 

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