Certification & Proposal Repair

2 Hours of Consultation and Review of 1 proposal or certification

Every business gets stuck at one point or another. Successful business owners are successful because they are able to develop strategies that circumvent, power through, or provide solutions to the tough moments. Often, those solutions come in the form of sound advice.

The Proposal and Certification Repair Clinic is specifically designed to help companies that have previously submitted unsuccessful proposals and or certifications find out what went wrong in their proposals and how to fix it. Bring your questions, concerns, rejected proposals, and roadblocks to this virtual clinic and get real-time strategies to help you write better proposals and win more contracts.

Don’t want to air your challenges in a group setting? Schedule a One on One Consultation Find Out Why It Was Rejected

We’re not talking about buying workbooks and working on hypothetical business problems that may or may not relate to your business.

No. This is a real-world strategy session that will help you solve the problems that are keeping you from scaling your business or pursuing greater contracting opportunities.

  • Bring your rejected minority certification, and I will tell you how you missed the mark
  • Bring the proposals you didn’t win and we will tell you why.
  • Bring your denied 8a and we will help you figure out how to fix it.
  • Bring your rejected GSA Schedule and we will help you get on track.

At $350 for a limited! 

Please note: Once your order is confirmed, you will be redirected to schedule an appointment with Me and upload your documents so I can review them before our call.