8 to 14

What is 8 to 14

Contracts & Capital is the Sports and Entertainment division of  Contracts & Grants, LLC. The program connects athletes to lucrative opportunities in the federal and commercial contracting space.   

Under the umbrella of Contracts & Capital is our flagship program, ACE. 

ACE is an entrepreneur development program that enables Athletes, Celebrities, & Entertainers to build long-term wealth through entrepreneurship. 

 Joshua Powell, Inc. has partnered with Contracts & Grants, LLC to design the 8 to 14 project for men and women who are actively participating in, or who formerly participated in, professional sports. Participants can learn to build lifelong wealth through Contracts & Grants, LLC's vast catalog of business development services which enable athletes to start, run, and grow small businesses. 

What We Do

We offer custom training programs to prepare athletes (and/or their designates) to bid, win, and successfully perform federal as well as large commercial contracts.

While the 8 to 14 Initiative is a partnership between Joshua Powell, Inc. and Contracts & Grants, LLC, ACE is overseen by Contracts & Capital, the Sports and Entertainment division of Contracts & Grants.

The program was created by Linda Chatmon, Federal Acquisitions expert and

CEO of Contracts & Grants, LLC. 

Who We Are

 We assist professionals that have a shorter than average occupational life cycle with using government and commercial contracts to build financial security for their families.  

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Develop and manage new businesses

Manage the acquisition of existing businesses

Restructure and scale existing businesses, whether run by the athlete or his/her designate(s)

Add contract-capable subsidiaries to existing athlete-owned businesses: '

  • Federal Contracts
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Sports and Entertainment

Manage and administer federal contracts and large commercial contracts

Match athlete-owned businesses with contracts and opportunities with other businesses that can deliver complementary goods and services.

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Opportunities abound. Our scope  of capabilities include opportunities for athletes, entertainers, and brokers. We partner businesses with high-profile individuals to trigger exponential growth in your business. 

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