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Government Contracts

Take the Performance Assessment Rating System and let it open up a world of opportunities for you.


Get access to the resources and training you need to scale your business in Linda’s ONEHub.


Get access to an entire catalog of free programs custom-made for small businesses like yours. 

Services & Systems

Find a solution to help you grow. Whether you need a blueprint or want a done-for-you solution.  

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Increase your visibility by sponsoring an event or initiative. Check Linda’s ONEHub for sponsorship opportunities.  

Are you a startup?

Are you a startup and wondering if you are eligible for government contracts?  Good News!!!  The government now allows “new corporate entities” to submit bids for contracting opportunities. How? They use your employment history as past performance!

Best retirement plan?

Government Employees Transitioning to Entrepreneurship was created to reposition top-performing employees as entrepreneurs. Get the resources, tools, and opportunities you need to build a strong business EVEN if you’re still employed in your government job. 

Introducing Linda Chatmon’s


What Is ONEHub?

ONEHub is a valuable resource for professionals, small businesses, and prime contractors. Access the Hub to see Opportunities, as well as Networking, and Empowerment events. Consider ONEHub your single source of truth for all things Linda Chatmon-related.


ONEHub is home to several online training programs created by Linda to help individuals acquire the skills they need to start businesses and help businesses get the knowledge they need to transition into the government contracting space.


Access ONEHub to find your tribe. Whether you’re a freelance writer, a retiring government employee, or a seasoned business veteran, you can find a community that will help you build relationships. Your next business partner could be in your Hub Community!


Get access to the resources, training, and tools you need to scale your business. That could mean hiring Linda to come in an provide you with a growth strategy, or it could be having Linda’s firm – Contracts and Grants, LLC – build out your small business participation program.


Expand your expertise and your business into the public sector with specialized training, live workshops, and tailor-made services such like Debriefings and Proposal Writing services. All available and accessible in Linda Chatmon’s ONEHub.


“I had the opportunity to take a course to fast track my learning curve once I entered the 8a program. It’s put on by Linda Chatmon’s firm… and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I took this course. The resources that you get from this particular class was top-notch. Templates, spreadsheets already populated with formulas.” – Karen Swain, Excelous

“Shortly after I went through your training on bids/proposals, I was given the opportunity to bid on a construction cleaning project. 183,000 square-foot project. I was invited to submit a bid proposal, and based on the training I received from you, I uploaded it, sent it to him and I got a call the very next day that it was accepted.” -DaNang Rockett


Introducing PARS, a predictive performance rating tool that helps prime government contractors and government agencies determine the likelihood of a small business partner delivering on a contract.