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Fast Track is Coming to Your City

What if your company could move beyond commercial and local government and master the process of becoming a successful federal contractor in days instead of months at a fraction of the cost? Why not host Fast Track.  If you are a membership organization or company that would like to host a workshop for 2 days.  Contract Us info@contractsandgrantsllc.com


Influence and Elegance

Influence and Elegance is an event I have to meet and engage  with my followers and subscribers.  We sit down for a fabulous lunch while meeting some of my influential friends and clients. Spend an afternoon in this private event getting to know my influential friends and clients, while ejoying a wonderful dining experience  and an opportunity to share information about your company to others.   Only subscribers are invited, so subscribe to our mailing list OR Register as a Service Provider for MyErrandsPlus to be considered.

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Stop Losing at the Table!’

Stop losing at the table.  Dividing your total cost by the number of years of the contract could put you out of business.  Listen to how!! Join my Personal Mentoring Circle to get more of these kinds of tips.

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Take advantage of my clients' lessons learned, so that you don't make the same mistakes. Also get great templates to help you get started.

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Starting or have a Non-Profit?


Our system for winning government contracts ASLO works for private and government grants. See how YOUR organization can benefit from knowing how to win!!!

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I am currently recruiting SMall businesses for large primes


New Day for Small Bussines

In response to the new All Small Mentor Protégée program offered by SBA, Large Primes have entrusted my company Contracts & Grants, LLC to identify small businesses to partner and mentor Why? We are experts in federal acquisitions, with more than 23 years of experience providing procurement, proposal support and business development  services to business across multiple industries.  Our first event was a HUGE Success!!

New Day for Small Businesses - Building Strategic Relationships

Start Building Strategic Relationships

Take the Performance Assessment Rating System and let it open up a world of opportunities for you.   If you are a large business looking for a vetted small business or a small business looking for a Prime, it all starts here.

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Not quite ready? Leave your email and we will send you a link to the survey (it takes five minutes). You will have your score by midnight tonight!! Ready to take it now? Click link below

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Are You Ready to Begin The Road to Government Contracts?



Buy My E-Book, The Road to Government Contracts.  It is the system I have used over and over again to win government contracts for my clients. 

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Now that we know where you are in your business, schedule an appointment and let us determine how we can help you,

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Execute the strategy we laid out for you.  Stay plugged into our online portal that provides  coaching, training, motivation, business development and bid opportunities.  

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Contracts Available for Start-ups

Are you a Start-Up?


Are you a startup and wonder if you are eligible for government contracts?  Good News!!!  The government now allows "new corporate entities" to use your employment history as past performance!!

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You no longer have an excuse.  We offer mentorship for freelancers, solopreneurs, and independent contractors

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Making Dreams Concrete


Have you been procrastinating?  Our Making Dreams Concrete campaign is designed to help you take the next step on your journey to The Road to Government Contracts. Subscribe to our mailing list above and be placed in a drawing to get a free t-shirt. Weekly Drawings!

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Who is Linda Chatmon?

In a Nutshell

Linda Chatmon is a Business Coach Powerhouse.  Specializing in Growth Management, she is the sole principal of Contracts and Grants, LLC , The App Diva,LLC 

and several other brands, all committed to growing businesses through federal and defense contracts, e-learning, and technology. 

She has been responsible for more than 12.2 Billion in contract negotiations and awards.

A Subject Matter Expert in Federal and Defense Contracts and Acquisitions, she has 22 years of experience as an entrepreneur in Federal Acquisitions. Active in economic development she was appointed to the Doraville TAD (Tax Allocation District) Advisory Board, that oversees a multi-Billion Dollar Mixed Use Project (The Assembly) the largest in the state of Georgia.   

It is simple.  Linda Chatmon can grow your business from scratch, or take it to the next level.  Don't believe it? Listen to the testimonials

Need a Speaker, Panel Member or Program Guest?

Have a podcast or radio show? I absolutely love what I do and love sharing with the world.  I NEVER CHARGE for appearances.   


WOW, this is awesome, I just had Ms. Linda Chatmon on my radio program and the rating went through the roof. Linda shared some awesome information that can help out clients and listeners...WOW...thank you for your service and dedication to what you all do!! 

Kevin Vaughn, Power Connection Radio

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I am committed to making sure small businesses get their portion of large projects.

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